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Table 2 S-P-A motif conservation in E2 enzymes

From: Interactions between the quality control ubiquitin ligase CHIP and ubiquitin conjugating enzymes

E2 enzyme Loop 7 Sequence Interacts w. CHIP? Reference
Ubc1 DQWAAA N [20]
UbcH2 QTWTAL N [20]
Ubc3 ERWNP T N [18, 20]
UbcH7 ENWKPA N [18, 20]
UbcH8 ENWKP C N [18]
UbcH5a-c SQWSPA Y [20]
Ubc13 DKWSPA Y [22, 24]
Ube2e1-3 DNWSPA Y *
  1. Residues on loop 7 of selected E2 enzymes, corresponding to the positions of the S-P-A motifs in UbcH5 and Ubc13.
  2. *Reported in this study.