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Table 3 Key interactions in structurally characterized E2:E3 complexes

From: Interactions between the quality control ubiquitin ligase CHIP and ubiquitin conjugating enzymes

  E2:E3 Complex [PDB:ID Code]
Interaction E2: E3 Cbl:UbcH7 [PDB:1FBV] CNOT4:UbcH5 [PDB:1UR6] CHIP:UbcH5 [PDB:2OXQ] CHIP:Ubc13 [PDB:2C2V]
E2-α1: E3-L1     
Arg:mainchain R6:K382O precedes I383) R5:P15O precedes L16) R5:I235O R7:I235O
Arg:sidechain   R5:M18 R5:F237 (stacking) R7:F237 (stacking)
salt bridges   K4:E19/K4:E13 K8:E13   R14:D229
sidechain: mainchain    K8:F237O K10:F237O
E2-L4/L7: E3-α/L1/L2     
hydrophobic P62/F63/P97/A98:I383/W408/P417/F418 P61/F62/P95/A96:L16/I45/E49/L52/P54 P61/F62/P95/A96:I235/H260/V264/P269/V270 P63/M64/P97/A98:I235/H260/R263/V264/P269/V270
E2-L4:E3-α polar   F62:R44 (stacking) Q92: E49 F62:R263 (stacking)  
E2-L4:E3-α salt bridges   D59:R44 K68: D48/E49   
E2-L7: E3-L2 polar     
S-P-A:mainchain A98N:P417O K96:F418O S96:P54O S94:P269O S96:P269O
mainchain:Arg E93O:R420 Q92O:R57 Q92O:R272 K94O:R272
  1. Key interactions observed in structures of E2:E3 complexes [22, 30, 34]. The CNOT4:UbcH5 complex structure was not solved explicitly but modeled based on NMR structures of CNOT4 and UbcH5 and on experimental restraints derived from NMR data and mutagenesis [34].