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Figure 3

From: Systematic analysis of the effect of multiple templates on the accuracy of comparative models of protein structure

Figure 3

Accuracy of multiple-template models. (A) Comparison of overall accuracy between single and two-template SEQ models, SEQ.2.2 (large black filled circle) and SEQ.2.1 (small gray circle). (B) Comparison between single and two-template STR models, STR.2.2 (filled circle) and STR.2.1 (small gray circle). The lower sequence identity region is highlighted in the inset. Because of the large number of cases analyzed (> 10,000 models per curve) even the small differences shown here are statistically significant based on the Student t test. Thus, for clarity no error bars are shown. (C) Distribution of difference in RMSD between one-template (STR.2.1) and two-template models (STR.2.2) built using structure-based alignments (RMSDSTR.2.1 - RMSDSTR.2.2). Only models with S1 ≤ 40% are shown here.

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