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Figure 7

From: Systematic analysis of the effect of multiple templates on the accuracy of comparative models of protein structure

Figure 7

Distribution of accuracy differences between one-template and two-template models for a selected subset. (A) Difference in RMSD (ΔRMSD) for models built using structure-based alignments (RMSDSTR.2.1 - RMSDSTR.2.2). Only models with S1 – S2 less than 5%, S1 < 30%, S3 < 30% and template RMSD between 3.5 and 5.5 Å are shown here. The dark bars correspond to Good models (see figure 6 legend), the empty bars to Bad models, the light bars to Neutral models. (B) Fraction of Neutral (unchanged), Good and Bad models in the dataset before and after applying the template selection criteria described above.

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