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Figure 8

From: Docking of molecules identified in bioactive medicinal plants extracts into the p50 NF-kappaB transcription factor: correlation with inhibition of NF-kappaB/DNA interactions and inhibitory effects on IL-8 gene expression

Figure 8

A. Effects of PAO-1 infection of cystic fibrosis IB3-1 cells on the expression of the indicated mRNA. Cells were infected with PAO-1 for 4 hours and then the mRNA analysed by RT-PCR. For RT-PCR analysis the PCR primers have been described in Bezzerri et al. [21] B. Effects of compound 21 on the accumulation of IL-8 mRNA. Cells were incubated for 24 hours in the presence of the indicated concentrations of compound 21, then infected with 150 cfu/cell of PAO-1. Accumulation of IL-8 mRNA was determined by RT-PCR analysis [21].

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