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Table 3 intramolecular hydrogen bonds of the docked poses of 9i, 10i and 21 with the involved residues of the DNA binding region of NF-kappaB (see Figure 5 for ligand atom labels). The interatomic distances in Angstroms are shown.

From: Docking of molecules identified in bioactive medicinal plants extracts into the p50 NF-kappaB transcription factor: correlation with inhibition of NF-kappaB/DNA interactions and inhibitory effects on IL-8 gene expression

Residue interaction Ligand atom Distance (Å)
(His141) -Nε-H::O O5 (9i) 2.12
  O8 (10i) 1.88
  O2' (21) 1.90
(Asp239) -COO::H H5 (9i) 1.91
  H8 (10i) 2.09
  H2' (21) 2.00
(Lys241) -CO::H H7 (10i) 1.96
(Lys241) -N+-H::O O7 (9i) 2.60
  O1a (21) 2.17
(Leu207) -N-H::O O1 (10i) 2.18