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Table 4 Prediction rules between classes in SCOP and PROSITE obtained by cross-training

From: A method for probabilistic mapping between protein structure and function taxonomies through cross training

Rules: Structural-properties (SCOP class) Functional-properties (PROSITE class)
All α Proteins.Globin like → Globinsfamily profile 0.323
All α Proteins.Globin like → Legume lectins signatures 0.079
All β Proteins.Cupredoxin like → Type-1 copper blue proteins signature 0.200
All β proteins.Galactose-binding domain-like →C-type lectin domain signature & profile 0.182
All β Proteins.Nucleoplasmin-like VP viral coat & capsid→ DEAD & DEAH box families ATP-dependent helicases signatures 0.14
α &β proteins.NADP- binding Rossmann-fold domains → C-type lectin domain signature & profile 0.103
All β proteins.Double-stranded β-helix → EF-hand calcium-binding domain 0.086
All α Proteins.EF Hand like → EF-hand calcium-binding domain 0.090
All β Proteins.Immunoglobulin-like β sandwich → Immunoglobulins & MHC proteins 0.034
All β Proteins.Immunoglobulin-like β sandwich → Ig-like domain profile 0.064
α &β Proteins.α β-Hydrolases → EF-hand calcium-binding domain 0.086
α &β proteins.Ferredoxin-like → 4Fe-4S ferredoxins iron sulfur binding region signature 0.024
α &β proteins. P-loop containing nucleoside triphosphatehydrolases → Heavy-metal-associated domain signature & profile 0.037
α &β proteins.Thioredoxin fold → Pyridine nucleotide-disulphide oxidoreductases class-I active site 0.097
All α proteins.Four-helical up-&-down bundle → Cytochrome c family heme-binding site signature 0.094
Membrane & cell surface proteins and peptides → C-type lectin domain signature & profile 0.092
All β proteins.Concanavalin A-like lectins glucanases → C-type lectin domain signature & profile 0.084
All α proteins.DNA RNA-binding 3-helical bundle → TNFR NGFR family cysteine-rich region signature & profile 0.062
Small proteins → Serine proteases trypsin family signatures & profile 0.010
Small proteins → Ig-like domain profile 0.047
Rules: Functional-properties (PROSITE class) Structural-properties (SCOP class)
Globins family profile → All α proteins.Globin-like 0.369
Serine proteases trypsin family signatures & profile → Small proteins 0.722
Protein kinases signatures & profile → Small proteins 0.662
Legume lectins signatures → All α proteins.Globin-like 0.060
Cytochrome c family heme-binding site signature → All β proteins.Barrel-sandwich hybrid 0.029
  1. Selected prediction rules found as a by-product of cross-training SCOP and PROSITE. Top panel shows rules probabilistically predicting the PROSITE domain/signature given the SCOP superfamily, while the bottom panel shows rules predicting SCOP superfamily given the PROSITE domains. DOT ('.') links parent class to child class in SCOP hierarchy. The bold value following each rule is the probabilistic weighted score found using cross training.