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Figure 2

From: Knottin cyclization: impact on structure and dynamics

Figure 2

NMR data summary for lin-McoTI. Data on sequential and medium range NOE connectivities, 3JHN-Hαcoupling constants and slowly exchanging amide protons observed for lin-MCoTI are summarized. The height of the bars correspond to the strength of the NOEs. The values of the 3JHN-Hαcoupling constants are indicated by ↓ (< 4 Hz) and ↑ (> 8.5 Hz). Open and filled squares indicate backbone amide protons that were still observed after 3 and 24 h, respectively, in 2H2O. The deviations from random coil values for the 13C chemical shifts of Cα of lin-MCoTI are plotted at the bottom of the figure.

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