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Table 2 Associations between structural correlations and residue types

From: An automatic method for assessing structural importance of amino acid positions

Type Chi-sq. Significance N Category
Functional 602.4 < 4e-15 3201 Uninformative
Intermediate 24.6 < 1e-04 5220 Neutral
Interface 180.52 < 4e-15 2677 Neutral
Buried 261.5 < 4e-15 7033 Informative
Exposed 398.1 < 4e-15 10547 Neutral
  1. Chi-squared values (Chi-sq) with significance levels are shown for each of the five residue types: Buried, intermediate, exposed, functional and interface. See text for definitions. Significance values are corrected for five tests using Bonferroni's correction. The "category" column indicates the direction of correlation overrepresented for that class where probabilities were significant at the 5% level.