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Table 3 Associations between structural correlations and secondary structure types

From: An automatic method for assessing structural importance of amino acid positions

SS Chi-sq. Significance N Category
Bend 27.7 < 1e-05 2140 Informative
Alpha Helix 166.1 < 1e-14 13021 Uninformative
Turn 26.3 < 2e-05 3527 Neutral
Coil 15.0 < 4e-03 5056 Neutral
3/10 Helix 75.1 < 1e-14 1568 Uninformative
Bridge 2.2 > 0.05 406 Not Significant
Strand 114.6 < 1e-14 2960 Neutral
  1. Chi-squared values with significance levels are shown for each of seven secondary structure (SS) types as defined by DSSP (no structure in the dataset contained a pi-helix). Significance values are corrected for seven tests using Bonferroni's correction. The "category" column indicates the direction of correlation overrepresented for that class where probabilities were significant at the 5% level.