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Figure 2 | BMC Structural Biology

Figure 2

From: Systematic comparison of SCOP and CATH: a new gold standard for protein structure analysis

Figure 2

Linking different folds via consistency checks. a) Shows the method of connecting different folds in i.e. SCOP via a link proposed by the mapping of SCOP and CATH. Nodes in the graph represent SCOP folds, edges connect two nodes iff at least 5 members of the SCOP fold are mapped to the same CATH topology b) Shows the interfold similarity of α-hairpin proteins in SCOP which are clustered in the same fold according to CATH (1.10.287). c) Shows a more complicated fold graph clustering proteins of immunoglobulin (CATH 2.60.40) and jelly-roll topologies (CATH 2.60.120) in a non-clique subgraph. All fold graphs may be interactively explored on

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