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Table 3 Inconsistencies between SCOP and CATH

From: Systematic comparison of SCOP and CATH: a new gold standard for protein structure analysis

  consistent inconsistent folds superfamilies
family 7'970'415 133'335 70 102
superfamily 8'208'965 713'181 121 159
fold 10'879'564 2'389'191 84 500
class 268'747'988 62'849'692 745 1'258
other class 962'011'672 249'897'353 745 1'258
  1. Shows the inconsistencies between SCOP and CATH with respect to the levels of the SCOP hierarchy. The second column displays the number of consistent pairs (pairs of proteins from folds, superfamilies and families in the cells marked bold in Table 4) and the third column the number of inconsistent pairs. Columns four and five display the number of distinct folds and superfamilies which account for the inconsistencies observed.