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Figure 6

From: Small local variations in B-form DNA lead to a large variety of global geometries which can accommodate most DNA-binding protein motifs

Figure 6

The 3-dimensional path traced by basepair centers of the DNA helix, in some protein-DNA crystal structure complexes. The basepair centres of the DNA molecules are indicated by hollow circles in case of 'curved' geometry, by hollow squares in the case of 'linear' geometry and by stars in case of 'unassigned' geometry. The criteria for assigning geometry has been described in the 'Methods' section. The PDB id's correspond to the following biological molecules: 1KX5 – Nucleosome core particle, 4CRX – CRE recombinase protein-bound DNA, 1J59 – Catabolic Activator Protein (CAP)-bound DNA, 1DDN -Diphtheria tox repressor-bound DNA, 1T9J – Endonuclease-bound DNA, 1RIO – lambda CI-NTD-sigma-region4-bound DNA, 1APL – MAT alpha2 homeodomain-bound DNA.

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