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Figure 4

From: Development of an accurate classification system of proteins into structured and unstructured regions that uncovers novel structural domains: its application to human transcription factors

Figure 4

Examples of structural domain and ID region assignments. Structural domain and ID region assignments to four human TFs are presented. From top to bottom, each diagram consists of a scale with the total number of amino acid residues, assignments in the previous report, assignments in this study, and domain architecture from the literature. In the previous assignments, structural domains, ID regions, and un-assigned sections are presented in green, gray, and white, respectively. In the present assignments, domains of known structure, cryptic structural domains, and ID regions are respectively colored in red, orange, and dark gray. In the domain architecture derived from the literature, pink boxes represent DBD, while open rectangles and thick lines with letters stand for functional domains, which do not necessarily correspond to structural domains.

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