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Table 3 Topology distribution of model G-quadruplexes.

From: Molecular models for intrastrand DNA G-quadruplexes

topology counts
-p-p-p 1764
+l+p+p 698
-l-l-p 610
-p-p-l 285
+l+l+l 249
-pd+p 239
+l+p+l 155
-p-l-l 145
d+pd 122
+ld-p 78
-pd+l 36
-l-l-l 29
-ld+l 5
+ld-l 3
total number of topologies total number of models
14 4418
  1. The distribution of topologies (independent of glycosidic bond conformation and loop lengths) of all 4418 models is reported. The notation here follows Webba da Silva [56]. p, l and d stand for propeller-like, lateral or diagonal loop. Theand + signs refer to anti-clockwise or clockwise rotation of the loop around the G-quadruplex stem, respectively, when the first strand is progressing towards the viewer (see Figure 1).