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Table 5 The algorithm to select the classifiers to be combined.

From: Machine learning integration for predicting the effect of single amino acid substitutions on protein stability

1: Initialize the subset Z as empty set
2: Initialize the subset R as all possible 102 (R.D.B) groups
3: Remove the most accurate (R.D.B) from R and add to Z
4: Perform McNemar's test for all pairs between Z and R
5: Decrease the degree of confidence, α, for McNemar's test
6: if There is at least one diverse (R.D.B) in R then
7: Select the most accurate and most diverse (R.D.B) from R and add it to Z
8: Go to Step 4
9: else
10: Use the (R.D.B) triplets in Z as the current base-learners to be combined
11: end if
  1. The aim is to select the most accurate and at the same time the most diverse classifiers.