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Table 3 Comparison of the consensus among TIM-Finder, Fugue, and PSI-BLAST in detecting TIM-barrel proteinsa, b

From: TIM-Finder: A new method for identifying TIM-barrel proteins

  TIM-Finder Fugue PSI-BLAST
TIM-Finder -- 154 (79.4%) 144 (74.2%)
Fugue 154 (83.7%) -- 143 (77.7%)
PSI-BLAST 144 (87.8%) 143 (87.2%) --
  1. a The comparison was based on a 99% confidence level.b The value outside the parentheses denotes the total number of B. subtilis sequences that were identified as TIM-barrel proteins by both methods, whereas the value inside the parentheses represents the corresponding percentage, defined as the total number of consensual predictions from two methods divided by the total number of TIM-barrel proteins identified by the single method appearing in the row.