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Figure 4

From: Structural insights into Escherichia coli polymyxin B resistance protein D with X-ray crystallography and small-angle X-ray scattering

Figure 4

Rotation view of the superimposed models using the PDBe Fold program. The superimposed models were rotated at an angle of 90° on the horizontal axis and represented with the Jmol viewer (Yellowish-green, the crystal structure of E. coli PmrD: 4HN7; Blue, the NMR structure of E. coli PmrD: 2JSO; Sky-blue, the NMR structure of KP-PmrD: 2RQX; Yellow, the crystal structure of T. kodakaraensis HypC: 2Z1C; Wine, the crystal structure of excretory-secretory protein 2: 3NSW).

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