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Figure 4 | BMC Structural Biology

Figure 4

From: A three dimensional visualisation approach to protein heavy-atom structure reconstruction

Figure 4

Distributions of C β , C, N, O atoms in Frenet frames. (Color online) a) Distribution of Cβ atoms in the Cα centered Frenet frames in PDB structures that have been measured with better than 1.0 Å resolution. The three major structures α-helices, β-strands and left-handed α-helices have been marked, following their identification in PDB. b) Same as a) but for backbone C atoms. Note that C atoms that precede a cis-proline are clearly identifiable. c) Same as a) and b) but for backbone N atoms. d) Same as a), b) and c) but for backbone O atoms. As in b) the atoms preceding a cis-proline are clearly identifiable.

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