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Table 1 Comparison of motifs for DNA binding and catalysis

From: Binding of undamaged double stranded DNA to vaccinia virus uracil-DNA Glycosylase

  1FLZ (EcUNG) 1SSP (hUNG) 4QCB (vUNG)
Catalytic water-activating loop 62-GQDPYH-67 143-GQDPYH-148 66-GIDPYP-71
Pro-rich loop 84-AIPPS-88 165-PPPPS-169 84-FTKKS-88
Uracil specificity β-strand 120-LLLN-123 201-LLLN-204 117-IPWN-120
Gly-Ser loop 165-GS-166 246-GS-247 160-KT-161
Leu intercalation loop 187-HPSPLSVYR-195 268-HPSPLSAHR-276 181-HPAARDR-187
Active site residues D64, Y66, F77, N123, H187, L191 D145, Y147, F158, N204, H268, L272 D68, Y70, F79, N120, H181, R185
  1. Motifs as previously listed [13] are updated based on structural superimposition using the new D4-DNA complex structure