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Fig. 4

From: Structure of the stationary phase survival protein YuiC from B.subtilis

Fig. 4

Zymograms of YuiC. a SDS-PAGE and b denaturing zymogram of YuiC_P73 and YuiC_R52 constructs. Lane 1: YuiC_P73-E218 dimer, 2: YuiC_P73-E218 monomer, 3: YuiC_P73-K217 dimer, 4: YuiC_P73-K217 monomer, M: PageRuler prestained protein ladder, 5: YuiC_R52-E218 peak 1 (monomer), 6: YuiC_R52-E218 peak 2 (dimer), 7: YuiC_R52-E218 peak 3 (oligomers), 8: YuiC_R52-K217 peak 1 (monomer), 9: YuiC_R52-K217 peak 2 (dimer), 10: YuiC_R52-K217 (oligomers). c Native-PAGE and d native zymogram of YuiC_P73 constructs. Lane 1: Lysozyme, M: NativeMark unstained protein standard, 2: YuiC_P73-E218 dimer, 3: YuiC_P73-E218 monomer, 4: YuiC_P73-K217 dimer, 5: YuiC_P73-K217 monomer, 6: negative control (Rv3368). Positions of the principal bands in the native zymogram are marked with red arrows as they are faint

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