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Table 2 List of Hydrogen bonds between protein and substrates and conservation in MltA

From: Structure of the stationary phase survival protein YuiC from B.subtilis

Sugar Site Ligand Atom +NAG (4wjt) +Anhydro (4wlk) MltA (2pi8) Conserved YuiC vs MltA
−2 O1 Thr152 O via HOH A550 None (O4 of −1) Gln162 O No. Thr100 YuiC is closest to MltA Gln162
−2 O3 Leu111 O Leu111 O None No
−2 O3 Lys102 NZ Lys102 NZ   No
−2 O4 HOH A430/435 None None  
−2 O5 Thr100 O via HOH A531 HOH416 is too far (3.7 Å) None  
−2 O6 Ser154 N and OG via HOH 539 None None  
−2 O7 Lys102 NZ Lys102 NZ   
−2 O7 Gly110 N and Ala 95 O via HOH A489 Gly110 N and Ala 95 O via HOH A428 Ser164 OG No. HOH 428 and Ser164 OG are close
−2 N2 Asp151 OD1 and OD2 Asp151 OD1 and OD2 Asp297 OD2 Yes. Asp151/297
−1 O1   Asp162 OD2 (O4 of +1) none but Asp308 mutated to Ala Yes. Asp162/308
−1 O3   None None  
−1 O5   None None  
−1 O6    Val298 O  
−1 O7   Ser 154 N and OG Ala 155 N Gly300 N and Ala 301 N via HOH A1045 Yes, but contact longer via water in MltA
−1 N2   Ser99 O Val161 O No. Close in space but not conserved