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Table 1 Interactions between SpCBM and 3’SL. Intermolecular hydrogen bonds between SpCBM and 3’SL are listed. Water molecules bound to 3’SL are also detailed

From: Structural characterization of the carbohydrate-binding module of NanA sialidase, a pneumococcal virulence factor

3’SL Protein/Water atoms Distance (Å)
O-1 A Arg274-N-η2 2.88
O-1 A Arg197-N-η1 3.15
O-1 A H2O (W1) 2.74
O-1 B Arg274-N-η1 2.90
O-4 Glu195-O-ε1 2.71
O-4 Glu195-O-ε2 3.39
O-4 H2O (W3) 2.66
O-8 Trp280-N-ε1 2.87
O-8 H2O (W2) 3.15
O-9 H2O (W2) 2.87
O-10 Asn209-N-δ2 2.79
N-5 Glu195-O-ε1 3.39
N-5 Glu195-O-ε2 2.77