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Fig. 4

From: The crystal structure of the Hazara virus nucleocapsid protein

Fig. 4

The crystal structure of the HAZV N monomer and alignment of the sequence of HAZV N with the secondary structural elements. a Monomer A from the HAZV N AU. A blue sphere indicates the N-terminus and a red sphere indicates the C-terminus of HAZV N. The globular domain contains amino acids residues from the N-terminus (residues 1–186, yellow), and the C-terminus (residues 298–485, dark green). The arm domain (residues 197–297, light green) is linked to C-terminus of the globular domain by a single alpha helix (helix α13), and to the N-terminus by a disordered loop (residues 187–196), which is not visible in this model. Helices are numbered according to (b). b Alignment of the sequence of HAZV N with the secondary structural elements. Alpha helices are numbered 1–20 from the N-terminus to the C-terminus. Horizontal bars below the sequence are coloured according to (a) and indicate the position of the secondary structural elements in (a). Helix α1 - helix α8 comprise the N-terminus of the globular domain, helix α9 – helix α12 the arm domain, and helix α13 – helix α20 the C-terminus of the globular domain. (Generated using Espript [38]). TT denotes a strict β-turn and ɳ denotes a helix with 3 residues per turn. All models were generated using Pymol

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