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Fig. 2

From: Crystal structure of human S100A8 in complex with zinc and calcium

Fig. 2

The atypical (Zn)2-cacodylate complex present in crystal form 2 induces the formation of new Zn-sites. a Superimposition of the hS100A8 homodimers from crystal form 1 (beige and purple with Zn2+ ions in orange) and crystal form 2 (cyan and salmon with Zn2+ ions in yellow), respectively. Only one Zn-site (Zn2) is conserved between the two structures. b Close-up view on the new Zn-sites observed in the structure derived from crystal from 2. The presence of the (Zn)2-cacodylate complex induces ligand swapping and the formation of two novel Zn-sites (Zn3 and Zn4)

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