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Fig. 1

From: Combined small angle X-ray solution scattering with atomic force microscopy for characterizing radiation damage on biological macromolecules

Fig. 1

β-Amylase SAXS data. a SAXS curve of β-Amylase (black dots) obtained after a standard exposure with fit to a mixture of monomers and tetramers (orange line). Inlay: Guinier plot and associated linear fit at low- q 2 (q R g < 1.3). b Model of tetrameric β-Amylase (pdb entry 1FA2) [28]. The bounding box size of tetrameric β-Amylase is 12.4 × 12.4 × 7.5 nm 3. c SAXS data for different exposures time: standard, 5 min and 30 min exposures are plotted in blue, red and green, respectively; very small variations with the exposure time can be observed

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