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Table 1 Description of the structural dataset DST and the subset DSC

From: DynaDom: structure-based prediction of T cell receptor inter-domain and T cell receptor-peptide-MHC (class I) association angles

PDB DSa TCR-Name Sb Lc Rd
1ao7 T/C A6 H I [25]
1fo0 T/C BM3.3 M I [75]
1fyt T HA1.7 H II [76]
1j8h T HA1.7 H II [77]
1kj2 T/C KB5-C20 M I [78]
1mi5 T LC13 H I [79]
1mwa T/C 2C M I [80]
1nam T/C BM3.3 M I [81]
1oga T/C JM22 H I [82]
1qse T A6 H I [35]
1u3h T TCR172.10 M II [83]
2bnq T/C 1G4 H I [37]
2bnr T/C 1G4 H I [37]
2e7l T/C 2C m6 [T7] M I [84]
2esv T/C KK50.4 H I [85]
2f53 T/C 1G4 c49c50 H I [38]
2f54 T/C 1G4 AV-wt H I [38]
2gj6 T/C A6 H I [73]
2iam T E8 H II [86]
2ian T E8 H II [86]
2nx5 T/C ELS4 H I [87]
2oi9 T/C 2C [T7-wt] M I [84]
2ol3 T/C BM3.3 M I [88]
2p5e T/C 1G4 c58c61 H I [39]
2p5w T/C 1G4 c58c62 H I [39]
2pxy T 1934.4 M II [89]
2pye T/C 1G4 c5c1 H I [39]
2vlk T/C JM22 H I [90]
2vlr T/C JM22 H I [90]
3c5z T B3K506 M II [91]
3c60 T YAe62 M II [91]
3c6l T 2 W20 M II [91]
3d39 T/C A6 H I [92]
3d3v T/C A6 H I [92]
3dxa T/C DM1 H I [93]
3e2h T/C 2C m67 [T7] M I [65]
3e3q T/C 2C m13 [T7] M I [65]
3ffc T/C cf34 H I [94]
3gsn T/C RA14 H I [95]
3h9s T/C A6 H I [96]
3kpr T/C LC13 H I [97]
3kps T/C LC13 H I [97]
3kxf T/C SB27 H I [98]
3mbe T TCR 21.30 M II [99]
3mv8 T/C TK3 Q55H H I [100]
3pwp T/C A6 H I [101]
3qiu T 226 TCR M II [102]
3qiw T 226 TCR M II [102]
  1. a) T: Structure only in dataset DST. T/C: Structure in both datasets, DST and DSC
  2. b) Species (S): H human, M mouse
  3. c) Ligand type (L): MHC class I or II. See Additional file 4: Table S1 of the Supporting Information for details about the MHC alleles and the different peptides
  4. d) References