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Fig. 8

From: A comparative analysis of the foamy and ortho virus capsid structures reveals an ancient domain duplication

Fig. 8

ortho/foamy domains compared with customised decoys. Each amino (N), carboxy (C) domain combination between the ortho retrovirus capsid structure (HIV1) and the foamy virus capsid structure is plotted as a line for increasingly large subsets of matched positions against their RMSD (Y-axis), as in Fig. 2. The point on this line marks the lowest a-value (Equ n. 1), however, to be consistent with the decoy data, the full alignment length was used. The decoy comparison data (blue) is plotted in a variety of symbols with each representing a different combination of decoy construction. The dashed blue lines (which are the same in all plots) mark the approximate 10 th percentile boundaries of the decoy generated distributions, with a = 1.7 (upper) and a = 0.8 (lower). (See “Methods” section for details). a orthoN+foamyN. b orthoN+foamyC. c orthoN+foamyN. d orthoN+foamyC

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