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Table 2 ortho and foamy capsid domain comparison T-test significance

From: A comparative analysis of the foamy and ortho virus capsid structures reveals an ancient domain duplication

  orthoN orthoC
foamyN Avg: 6.67e-01 < 1.32e+00 Avg: 6.51e-01 < 1.25e+00
Tprob = 4.62e-21 ** Tprob = 2.35e-16 **
StD: 1.61e-01 = 2.12e-01 StD: 1.17e-01 = 1.89e-01
Fprob = 1.84e-01 Fprob = 1.12e-01
foamyC Avg: 4.92e-01 < 1.29e+00 Avg: 6.22e-01 < 1.30e+00
Tprob = 4.09e-10 ** Tprob = 3.81e-23 **
StD: 1.02e-01 < 2.21e-01 StD: 1.12e-01 = 1.77e-01
Fprob = 7.37e-03 ** Fprob = 1.20e-01
  1. For each combination of domains between the ortho and foamy viruses, the probability is given that the two means from each distribution (Avg values) were sampled from the same distribution. (i.e., that the native and decoy comparisons are not distinct). All domain pairings are extremely significant. An F-test was used to test if the standard deviations (Std) of each sample were distinct and if not, the a T-test was made on the assumption of equal standard deviations