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Table 1 RMSDs, in Å, for the flexible fitting of lactoferrin by various methods

From: Accurate flexible refinement of atomic models against medium-resolution cryo-EM maps using damped dynamics

R fully flexible H+S rigid IMF CGS VQ
7 0.65 0.58
15 1.04 0.89 0.98 1.89a 2.72
  1. R is the resolution, in Å, of the simulated maps. Each of these RMSD values is between the fitted conformation and the target atomic structure used to create the simulated map. The RMSDs for DDforge are measured on all the backbone atoms, while those for the other methods are measured on the α-carbons only. H+S: helices and β-strands; IMF: Iterative Modular Fitting [28]; CGS: Constrained Geometric Simulations [40]; VQ: Vector Quantization without rigidity constraints [41]
  2. aThis actually corresponds to a 14Å map