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Table 1 Ab-Ag complexes as test systems for study

From: Deciphering evolution of immune recognition in antibodies

Organism PDB ID Antibody Antigen VH-gene Score (Bits) e-value
Mouse 2OK0 ED10 DNA 1–84*01 171 2e-44
3BT2 Anti-uPAR Urokinase plasminogen activator surface receptor, Vitronectin 1–84*01 162 1e-41
1YJD 5.11A1 T-cell-specific surface glycoprotein CD28 1–84*01 140 5e-35
Human 4NRX m66 Gp41 MPER peptide 5–51*03 219 5e-59
4HWB 10G5H6 Ectodomain D3 of IL-13 5–51*03 237 3e-64
3UJI 2558 Gp160 V3-domain 5–51*03 204 2e-54
4HPO CH58 Gp120 V2-domain 5–51*03 243 5e-66