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Fig. 6

From: Classification of the human THAP protein family identifies an evolutionarily conserved coiled coil region

Fig. 6

Helical wheel plot representation and electrostatic interactions predicted by DRAW COIL (a) sTHAP protein group: THAP1, THAP2, THAP3 and THAP6 (b) mTHAP protein group: THAP7, THAP8, and THAP11 (c) lTHAP protein: THAP0, THAP5, and THAP9. Helical wheel plots show the arrangement of amino acid residues in a heptad pattern. Non-polar residues are colored grey, polar residues are colored yellow, acidic residues are colored red and basic residues are colored blue. The red dotted lines represent electrostatic repulsive interactions and the blue dotted lines represent electrostatic attractive interactions

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