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Table 1 Inhibition of cathepsins B and L by cystatins.a

From: Molecular determinants of improved cathepsin B inhibition by new cystatins obtained by DNA shuffling

Cystatin K i
  Cathepsin B Cathepsin L
Oryzacystatin-1 78.5 nM 0.73 nM
Canecystatin-1 87.6 nM 0.10 nM
Canecystatin-4b 0.58 nM 0.0035 nM
N-terminal deletion (NΔ)
NI 5.66 nM
Clone A10 11.2 nM 1.63 nM
Reverse Mutant 1 (T30I) NI 1.93 nM
Reverse Mutant 2 (Q97L) NI 11.7 nM
Reverse Mutant 3 (T30I, Q97L) NI 12.5 nM
  1. a NI indicates no inhibitory activity observed at the highest concentration of the inhibitor employed.
  2. b data previously published [8].