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Table 1 Human ubiquitin ensembles used for evaluation with the CoNSEnsX approach.

From: CoNSEnsX: an ensemble view of protein structures and NMR-derived experimental data

Structure identifier Description No. of models Reference(s)
U_1D3Z Solution NMR ensemble 10 [35]
U_COCO Solution NMR ensemble (1D3Z.pdb) plus COCO-derived conformers 20 this study
U_1XQQ DER ensemble 128 [14]
U_2NR2 MUMO ensemble 144 [15]
U_2K39 EROS ensemble 116 [10]
U_ISD ISD ensemble
(ensemble provided as an example with the ISD 1.1 package)
25 [26]
U_NNR NOE(2)+S2(8)+RDC(8) restrained ensemble 32 this study
U_CNS RECOORD ensemble calculated with CNS 25 [34]
U_CNW RECOORD ensemble calculated with CNS in water 25 [34]
U_CYA RECOORD ensemble calculated with CYANA 25 [34]
U_CYW RECOORD ensemble calculated with CYANA in water 25 [34]
U_1UBQMD 5ns MD simulation started from the X-ray structure 1UBQ 32 this study
U_1G6J Ubiquitin in reverse micelles 32 [36]
U_1V80 Ubiquitin at 30 bar 10 [37]
U_1V81 Ubiquitin at 3000 bar 10 [37]
U_2JZZ Solid-state NMR structure 20 [38]