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Figure 3

From: 1,000 structures and more from the MCSG

Figure 3

Distribution of molecular function GO terms associated with MCSG structures. The molecular function ontology terms of the generic GO slim give a broad overview of all protein molecular function categories. Arrows indicate 'is a' relationships. MCSG structures with a known function cover terms in boxes with a green border while terms in boxes with a red border are not covered by MCSG structures. Numbers in parentheses outside of each box show the proportion (%) of MCSG targets with a solved structure and known function that are associated with each term compared to the proportion of all sequence unique PDB structures of known function (MCSG%/PDB%). Note that a structure may be associated with multiple GO terms and many sub-categories of GO terms are not represented in the generic GO slim so the illustrated percentages do not necessarily add up to the totals for their illustrated parent categories.

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