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Figure 4 | BMC Structural Biology

Figure 4

From: Structural insights into the membrane-extracted dimeric form of the ATPase TraB from the Escherichia coli pKM101 conjugation system

Figure 4

Ab initio models of the different constructs of TraB and of LvhB4. Two orientations, rotated along the long axis, of the best models generated by the program GASBOR of TraBFL (A); TraBNT (B); TraBCT (C) and LvhB4 (D). All TraB models (FL; NT; CT) were generated with an imposed P2 symmetry. The black cross and the dashed-line indicate the P2 symmetry axis between the two monomers in the dimeric model. The double arrow-head dotted-line indicates the maximum dimension (Dmax) of each model.

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