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Table 1 The main characteristics of HSP90 complexes with CYP2E1 and CYP2E1-ethanol

From: The possible mechanisms of CYP2E1 interactions with HSP90 and the influence of ethanol on them

Parameters CYP2E1-HSP90 CYP2E1-ethanol-HSP90
Binding energy (−ΔGGibbs, kJ/mole) 800 470
Сontact area (Å2) 1941 1010
Resides of CYP2E1 involved in contact with HSP90 L32, F37, P38, P40, I41, Y71, S74, Q75, R76, D102, P104, H107, A108, H109, R110, D111, R112, G119, P120, T121, R198, Y218, P222, S223, L225, H226, I236, H232, R233, K237, A240, E241, K243, E244, Y245, S247, E248, K251, A280, E281, M286, D287, T290, V291, R374, D375, L382, K385, G386 (49) N135, Y136, G139, K140, Q141, G142, E144, S145, Q148, R149, H152, F153, E156, R159, K160, Q162, K187, S336, R337, I338, A340, P491 (22)