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Figure 5

From: Defining structural and evolutionary modules in proteins: a community detection approach to explore sub-domain architecture

Figure 5

Evolutionary modules in α -amylase homologs. Modules recovered by the method in the homologous structures of the α-amylase, its catalytic domain. This analysis was performed using the 85 redundant structures available at the protein data bank ( In the sub-figure A the TIM barrel is highlighted, and sub-figures B-E show the different modules obtained. The full list of PDB codes is available in the Table 1. The list of the equivalences of residues in each module in each structure can be seen in Additional file 1 (S36, p.241).The images were rendered using VMD [71] and POVray ( The structure used to visualize the modules is the PDB 1BF2.A from P. amyloderamosa.

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