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Table 4 Clusters, significance, PVP and Bootstrap support for the simulated data

From: Defining structural and evolutionary modules in proteins: a community detection approach to explore sub-domain architecture

Clusters Significance PVP Bootstrap
One module on background noise
A < 0.0375 0.617 93%
Singletons 0.134 0.006 9%
Two modules
A < 0.0125 0.631 100%
B < 0.0125 0.640 100%
  1. The proportion of pairs that were judged not to be in the same cluster after the permutation test (Significance), the estimated PVP for the simulated data set and the bootstrap value in the simulated datasets with 0.35 intracorrelation and 85 observations. PVP is the proportion of variables in the cluster with enough power (with a β of 0.2 and an α of 0.05) to be resolved. The significance test critical value was corrected using the False Discovery Rate correction.