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Table 2 Aromatic arginine stack interactions in DysF domains

From: Crystal structures of the human Dysferlin inner DysF domain

Stack Dysferlin inner domain W/R type Interactions Myoferlin inner domain equivalent (Residue mentioned in interaction) Outer Dysferlin DysF equivalent
1 R1048 Aliphatic W992 Planar interaction to Y1034 in crystal contact K1029 P1100
    H Bond to Q1010 in crystal contact   
    Interacts with crystallisation phosphate   
    Guanadinium Beyond NH/CZ of W992   
1 W992   H bonds to crystallisation phosphate W973 W924
1 R1046 Perpendicular W992 NH points to 6 membered ring of W992 R1027 R1096
    H bonds to crystallisation phosphate   
    H bond to E951 (D392) (A879) ?E880
2 C988   H bond to 5 membered ring of W994 C969 P920
  W994    W975 W926
  R1044 Planar W994/ Aliphatic W999 Planar stack above 5 membered ring W994 R1025 R1096
2 W999   R1044 guanadinium is beyond NE/CZ edge W980 W930
    Aliphatic interaction with side chain of K983   
2 K983   Just over 4 Å above 6 membered ring of W1042 P964 K915
2 W1042   H bond to E955 L1023 (Q936) W1094 (E883)
3 R1040 Aliphatic W1012 H bond to E955 R1021 (Q396) R1092 (E883)
    Guanadinium Beyond NE-CZ of W1012   
3 W1012    W993 W1069
3 R1038 Planar W1012 Planar stack to 5 membered ring of W1012 R1019 R1090
   Planar W965 Planar stack to 5 membered ring of W965   
3 W965   H bond to major conformation of E1031 W946 (E1012) W894
3 R959 Aliphatic W965 Guanadinum Beyond NE-CZ of W965 R940 K887
    H bonds to major and minor conformations of E1031   
Opposite Face F954    Y935 Y882
  R1039 Planar F954 Close to planar Stack above F954 R1020 R1090
   Planar W1027 H bond to E1013 (E994) (E1070)
    Planar Stack above 5 membered ring of W1027 closer to NE than centre   
  W1027    W1008 Unclear