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Figure 3

From: Synthetic cationic antimicrobial peptides bind with their hydrophobic parts to drug site II of human serum albumin

Figure 3

ITC raw data and integrated heats of CAP 3 titration into HSA. (A) CAP 3 titrated into HSA solution (reference data) and (B) competitive experiments of HSA incubated 1:3 molar ratio with drug site I reference ligand Wrf, (C) with drug site II reference ligand Dgly and (D) with control peptide CAP 5. Control buffer titration is shown in red line in the upper panel and open squares in the lower panel. (The molar ratio in the buffer control was set to the same as the protein ligand ratio merely for the purpose of interpretation). Data collected with MicroCal iTC200. Figures made in Origin® 7.0.

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