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Table 3 Allergen Databases on the Internet

From: Screening of transgenic proteins expressed in transgenic food crops for the presence of short amino acid sequences identical to potential, IgE – binding linear epitopes of allergens

Name Webadress Allergen type Information
Agmobiol Food, pollen Protein databank accessions, literature references
CSL (free registration required) All Protein databank accessions, epitopes literature references
Farrp (free registration required) All Protein databank accessions of 658 allergens
NCFST All, plus coeliac Protein databank accessions
Protall Plant Protein databank accessions, biochemical and clinical data
SDAP All Protein databank accessions, allergenic protein sequences, search facility for identical and similar peptide sequences1
SwissProt All Protein databank accessions
WHO/IUIS All Nomenclature, protein databank accessions
  1. 1 The SDAP database and the peptide similarity search algorithm are described by Ivanciuc et al. [24]