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Table 3 Description of the complex set

From: Structural deformation upon protein-protein interaction: A structural alphabet approach

Type (number) Complexes PDB id
Enzyme-substrate (23) 1ACB, 1AVX, 1AY7, 1BVN, 1CGI, 1D6R, 1DFJ, 1E6E, 1EAW, 1EWY, 1EZU, 1F34, 1HIA, 1KKL, 1MAH, 1PPE, 1TMQ, 1UDI, 2MTA, 2PCC, 2SIC, 2SNI, 7CEI
Antibody-Antigen (10) 1AHW, 1BGX, 1BVK, 1DQJ, 1E6J, 1JPS, 1MLC, 1VFB, 1WEJ, 2VIS
Other (35) 1A2K, 1AK4, 1AKJ, 1ATN, 1B6C, 1BUH, 1DE4, 1E96, 1EER, 1F51, 1FC2, 1FQ1, 1FQJ, 1GCQ, 1GP2, 1GRN, 1H1V, 1HE1, 1HE8, 1I2M, 1I4D, 1IB1, 1IBR, 1IJK, 1KLU, 1KTZ, 1KXP, 1M10, 1ML0, 1N2C, 1QA9, 1RLB, 1SBB, 1WQ1, 2BTF