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Figure 2

From: Crystal structures of PI3K-C2α PX domain indicate conformational change associated with ligand binding

Figure 2

C alpha traces of structures A (cyan) and B (silver). a) The two structures were superimposed with the Cα trace of 2IWL [25] PI3K-C2α structure (magenta). Dashed line represents most likely positions for the three residues disordered and not observed in structure A. N and C denote the positions of the N- and C-termini of the structures A and B, while N* and C* point to the N- and C- terminal ends of structure 2IWL. b) Structures A and B were superimposed with the Cα trace of 1OCU (orange), the yeast PX domain protein Grd19p and 1OCS (yellow), Grd19p protein in complex with phosphatidylinositol-3-phosphate. The phosphatidylinositol-3-phosphate is drawn as sticks coloured on atom type.

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