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Figure 3

From: Ligand-induced conformational changes in a thermophilic ribose-binding protein

Figure 3

Thermal stability of tmRBP. (A) Thermal denaturation of tmRBP in 5.5 M GdCl (squares), tmRBP in 1 mM ribose and 5.5 M GdCl (circles), apo ecRBP (triangles), ecRBP in 1 mM ribose (inverted triangles). Solid lines in (A) are fit to a two-state model which takes into account the native and denatured baseline slopes [21, 22]. (B) Extrapolated appT m value of apo (squares) and ribose-bound (1 mM) (circles) tmRBP obtained from the series of thermal melting curves at different GdCl concentrations [23, 26]. Solid line represents a linear fit to the observations.

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