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Table 1 Comparison of results for two types of starting structures1

From: Improving consensus structure by eliminating averaging artifacts

Starting Structure 100 steps 200 steps 2000 steps
Extended 1 min/3.38 Å/1.8% 2 min/3.35 Å/1.5% 20 min/3.34 Å/1.3%
'Close-by model' 1 min/3.36 Å/1.0% 2 min/3.35 Å/1.0% 20 min/3.34 Å/1.2%
  1. 1Extended and 'close-by model' for 100 steps, 200 steps and 2000 steps for the same set of 1364 proteins. The numbers X/Y/Z denote time required (on a Desktop pc with 2 GB of RAM and 2.0 G Hz Intel processor) for the respective runs, RMSD to the native and the percentage of atoms that are involved in clashes less than 3.6 Å respectively.