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Archived Comments for: Discriminating the native structure from decoys using scoring functions based on the residue packing in globular proteins

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  1. An additional reference

    Dan Bolser, Dundee University

    12 January 2010

    I was involved in a similar study that may be of interest to readers of the present article. The work included a detailed introduction to the field of empirical potentials as well as a comparison of a 'partner number' type score to a more conventional pairwise empirical potential.


    Residue contact-count potentials are as effective as residue-residue contact-type potentials for ranking protein decoys. Bolser DM, Filippis I, Stehr H, Duarte J, Lappe M. BMC Structural Biology 2008, 8:53 doi:10.1186/1472-6807-8-53

    * A similar comment has been posted against that article on the BMC website.

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