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Figure 17 | BMC Structural Biology

Figure 17

From: A three dimensional visualisation approach to protein heavy-atom structure reconstruction

Figure 17

Examples of rotamers in level-ε atoms. (Color online) The black circles have the same radius in a) and b), in c) and d), and in e) and f). In figure a) the α-helix and in b) the β-strand rotamers for for CE in MET and LYS; the structures outside the circle are LYS, those inside are MET. In figure c) the α-helix and in d) the β-strand rotamers for CE1 in PHE and TYR. In figure e) the α-helix rotamers for OE1 in GLU and GLN, and in f) the α-helix rotamers for OE2 in GLU (there is no GLN).

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