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Fig. 5

From: The crystal structure of the Hazara virus nucleocapsid protein

Fig. 5

Crystallographic interfaces between adjacent HAZV N monomers in the AU. a Interaction between HAZV N monomers is thought to occur between Pro356 on the base of the globular domain, which is buried in a hydrophobic pocket is formed by six residues (Leu280, Trp264, Lys276, Val272, Glu271, and Phe217) of the arm domain of an adjacent monomer. b the arrangement of HAZV N monomers in the AU: two pairs of monomers are packed anti-parallel to each other. Electron density for the 4th monomer (light green) was poor compared to the other monomers in the AU. Potential lateral interactions between HAZV N monomers are indicated by vertical arrows. All models were generated using Pymol

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