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Fig. 1

From: Structure and dynamics of a human myelin protein P2 portal region mutant indicate opening of the β barrel in fatty acid binding proteins

Fig. 1

Analysis of P2 folding by CD spectroscopy. a Comparison of CD spectra of wt-P2, P2-F57A, and P2-P38G. The spectra for wt-P2 and P2-P38G were presented earlier [25]. b Spectra for the same P2 variants in the presence of lipids. The dashed lines indicate difference spectra between wt-P2 and each mutant. c Stability analysis of P2-F57A by CD in solution. CD spectra are shown from + 20 (black) to + 90 °C (blue), at intervals of 10 °C for clarity. The spectrum at + 50 °C is shown in red to aid in comparison between samples. d Stability of P2-F57A in the presence of lipids. Inset: CD signal at 200 nm of wt-P2 (black), F57A (red), and P38G (green) bound to lipids as a function of T

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